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Frozen-Yogurt Powder Mix 2kg bag


Product Description

A free flowing blend of ingredients forming “fat-free” yogurt powder for application in ice-cream or soft serve machines and home use. Natural frozen-yogurt powder base. Our Eve’s choice frozen-yogurt powder mix comes in 1.95kg to 25 kgs bags. You can also buy our 2kg bag for testing the product or for use at home. Eve’s Choice frozen-yogurt base mix’s can be mixed with whole milk, half skimmed milk, all skimmed milk or with half water. Eve’s Choice base mixes include chocolate, vanilla, nosugar vanilla, original tart, and strawberry. Eve’s Choice mix’s can be used alone or with any of the flavourings or with any of the natural fruit puree’s. Please see category flavourings and fruit puree category to make whatever flavour you wish.


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